Single Girl’s Guide to Valentine’s Day

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Hey Baes!!  Happy Super Bowl Sunday!! This Sunday also marks the exact week countdown from Valentine’s Day which can be an absolutely dreadful day for single people, especially women.  But it totally doesn’t have it to be!

I honestly can’t remember the last time I’ve had a “Valentine”.  The assholes I’ve dated seem to always pick a fight with me or break up with me just so they wouldn’t have to buy me a gift.  Charmers, right?!  As a result, I’ve mastered being Single on Valentine’s Day so when and if I even do have a significant other on Valentine’s Day it will just be an add on to all the things I do for myself. I’ve decided to put together some quick tips for my single gals that are depressed about bringing in yet another Valentine’s Day alone.

Here is my tried and true strategy!

  1. Go Shopping – Valentine’s Day has INCREDIBLE sales.  Treat yourself to something nice
  2. Send yourself some flowers (or buy some from the grocery store)  – Flowers brighten up any room and smell so amazing.  They instantly can change my mood from crappy to happy!
  3. Stay Away from Restaurants!! – Use this night to make yourself that recipe you’ve been wanting to try from Pinterest.  Restaurants will be full of awkward first dates, proposals and breakups. SUUPER uncomfortable.
  4. Hang out with your single girls – While I don’t have many single girlfriends, I still have a few.  Do a fun NON-Romantic activity like roller skating, rock climbing or sky diving i.e. an activity that doesn’t require thongs, excessive makeup and spanx!
  5. Take A Trip – This has nothing to really do with Valentine’s Day, but when is traveling not awesome!  I really wanted to go somewhere warm for V-Day but I’m trying to save money.  Instead I will be take a road trip somewhere local like NYC.  It should still do the trick!

I guarantee if you’re single and do these things you will forget all about being single on V-Day.  Heck!! Even if you’re not single and decide to do these things you’ll still have a dope day!

If you have any additional tips I missed, leave them in the comments below!!  Ok I have to go back to memorizing Beyonce’s “Formation” lyrics before the Super Bowl halftime show.


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