PROFILED: Top 5 Tips for Setting Up Online Dating Profile

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Let me preface the rest of my statements by saying I suck at online dating as in should have a “Doctorate in Suckation!” However, what I am the master of is setting up the optimal profile that will at least spark the attention of some suitable love/like/lust interests. I discovered these tips through the help of friends as well as trial and error.  Therefore, when a few of my friends asked me to help them with setting up their profiles, I figured why not share my advice with EVERYBODY!

Here are my TOP 5 TIPS on how to set up your perfect online dating profile below!

  1. Love Thy Own Selfie – Break out your best selfie and make it your main profile pic. Ladies, DO NOT go to glamour shots or get professional pics done. It’s was too pretentious. Also, yes I get that you should love your natural beauty girl, but eye liner, mascara and lip gloss are your friend. Create your best natural makeup look, take a selfie post a pic!
  2. Find Your Perfect Angle – In addition to including a selfie, also include a full length shot. So often I hear guys say that they felt lied to on their first dates because the person online didn’t match how the person looked in person. So prevent anyone making a liar out of you, find your good girlfriend that’s not a hater but will be honest about how you look in pics. Get her to take a BUNCH of full length pics of you and figure out which one captures your best angle and post it!
  3. Don’t Be A Complete Bore – Nobody likes a person with a stick up his or her butt! At least I don’t. HA! This is probably a preference thing, but a guy with No sense of humor is a complete turnoff. Also, guys have told me my sense of humor in my profile description encouraged them to send me a message…probably that and my big boobs.
  4. Be Sexy Not Slutty – While we’re on the subject of boobs, don’t be afraid to show some cleavage ladies! (Even if you have an A cup) HOWEVER, girl the ass shots are so unnecessary unless you work in a strip club or brothel. Leave them out this time around unless your searching for your next pimp.
  5. Set Expectations Up Front & Keep it Real! – Whatever you do, DON’T LIE! You ever heard the saying “What doesn’t come out in the wash will come out in the rinse?” It’s so true! There are so many horror stories of people making up their lives online it totally comes out! In addition to not lying to other people, when setting up your profiles keep it real with YOURSELF about your expectations. You want kids. Say it! If you’re looking for a serious relationship don’t waste your time with a man that says he’s not looking for anything serious. However, on the flip side what I’m learning about myself is that I have to be less closed minded about things. You really have to assess what are your true “non-negotiables” because the longer your list the more guys you rule out.

So there’s my tip list people. I’m not saying I’m a super pro at setting up online dating profiles.  However, with these tips you should get at least 3-5 messages a day.  What happens from there I really can’t help you with because aforementioned I suck at dating.  However, I’ll have plenty of stories to share in the future.

For all you other online dating gurus, did I miss anything? Has anyone else mastered the art of online dating?  Sound off below!! Also, for the online dating newbies try these tips and let me know how it works out for you! I can’t wait to hear from you!


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