Poll: Is Wearing Makeup Overrated?!

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Honestly, this should not be a topic of conversation.  HOWEVER,  I’ve been arguing with one of my male friends about this topic all day so I need to bring this subject to my readers; whose opinions actually matter!!

To wear makeup or not wear makeup, that is the question.

Backstory: Last night I went to a Singles event with some of my friends. (Have I officially reached the point of middle age desperation?!) I made every attempt to put my best foot forward since in my mind I would potentially be meeting my future ex-husband.

I left work early to get my hair done but around the 6 o’clock hour it was very clear that if I stayed in the salon I would never make it to the event. I rushed home with wet hair to get dressed and barely had time to put on mascara and lip gloss. When I got in the car I immediately reported to Snapchat, my venting outlet, to express my disappointment with not looking my best for this event.

When I got to the event and saw nothing but women so I no longer cared especially after 3 or 4 drinks. HA!

Aftermath: This morning I woke up to messages from my friend telling me my full face ‘beats’ are completely unnecessary. He thinks it presents an issue especially during periods of intimacy.  I told him he’s delusional, ridiculous, and I could care less about his opinion!  Here’s my thing.

Men do so much complaining about how long it takes women to get dressed, do their hair, and put on makeup. However, these same men complaining are the very ones that will be knocking each other down at the bar pressed to have buy that same girl a drink! I’m not saying having a full beat face is always necessary.  Some days, not often, I even leave the house without any makeup on. But if a girl wants to beat her face, damnit she should be able to without criticism!

He suggested I blog about it and I said that’s why we’re here with a poll in hand.

If you wouldn’t mind can you take the poll below? (Send it to your friends too please!)   Just let me know first if you’re a man or a woman and select ONE opinion.

I’m also included a bit of my rant from snapchat for your viewing pleasure.  I can laugh at myself now, but I was devastated last night. Lol

Do you think a woman should wear a full beat face when she wants? (Pick 2 only)

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Thanks for taking the poll and definitely leave comments below.


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4 thoughts on “Poll: Is Wearing Makeup Overrated?!

  1. I’ve always admired women who could do their make up ! I’ve been trying to work on my makeup game as well. I feel so much more confident since I started to wear make up. My husband loves me with or without makeup, but I think that it comes down to how I feel wearing it. I wish that men would just say that they like women both ways and keep it moving.

  2. The premise implies that women wear makeup to attract men. That is where the conversation derails… simply because men don’t care for your makeup at all. The truth is (wait for it) women really wear makeup for other women. SURPRISE!! Men are attracted to women. Women feel more confident wearing makeup… so we tolerate it. The end. (P.S… We also don’t really care about your bags either)

  3. Not enough options on the poll. I’m a woman that has no time, skill or patience to deal with makeup but have no problems with other women that choose to wear it. I personally think less is more and like toned down makeup looks and think extreme contouring and 12 foot eyelashes are a bit much but respect the rights of women to do whatever they want with their faces. I can also appreciate (as a woman that has battled eczema and acne), that women’s reasons for wearing makeup vary widely, so if it makes you feel better/more confident then go for it.

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