Photo Ready: 5 Tips on How to Prepare for a Photoshoot

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Happy Tuesday Luvas!

This post may not appeal to most folks at first, but I guarantee you will need this information at some point in your life. You may be an aspiring stylist, blogger or someone in need of engagement, wedding or maternity photos.  I promise you will thank me for these tips later!

As I share this information with you I’m also creating my own checklist as I prepare for my upcoming shoot this weekend. (My goal is to do 16 photoshoots in one year…YIKES!)  I’ve been doing editorial shoots for about 6 years now, but even with all my experience I still follow these tips every time regardless of if its a team of me or 20 people.

Here are TOP 5 Tips for ensuring you get the best results from your upcoming photoshoot!

  1. Define the objective – Ask yourself simple question. Why am I doing this shoot? Once you define an objective you can begin to envision the outcome.  There’s nothing worst than showing up to a photoshoot without any clue of what the hell you want to do.  Its a waste of time and money because most photographers charge by the hour.  My advice is to go on Pinterest, create an inspiration board, and really nail down the “theme” for your shoot.
  2. Pick a Team – Typically for a successful shoot you need these core participants; photographer (duh), makeup artist, hair stylist; ESPECIALLY if you’re going for something super fancy and editorial.  Also, stylists can definitely be helpful if you have no clue what to do and need help with developing looks. Moreover, at this point if you’re not the subject of the shoot pick your models. When I first started doing photoshoots I was a team of me as I did hair, makeup and styling for most of my shoots.  However, as I met more people and other artists I was able to collaborate on a lot of projects which make things less stressful…sometimes (lol)
  3. Nail Down the Looks  – Before getting to a shoot you should actually pull your looks together beforehand and even try them on if possible.  Yes you may have to make some last minute changes but be prepared as possible.   A good resource I use for pulling together looks are the thrift stores.  A little bit if cash goes a long way.  I shouldn’t be sharing this but if you need footwear for a shoot, buy the shoes, tape the bottom with duck tape and take them back.  The tape will protect the bottom and once removed it will look unworn. (Holds head down in shame)
  4. Location – LOCATION IS KEY!! In studio photoshoots are cool, but I much prefer outside photoshoots in awesome locations.  You don’t need props and extra stuff to create an interesting looking scene.  However, if you want your pictures to look clean and uninterrupted by unnecessary scenery, do an in studio photoshoot.  Just make sure your photographer has good lighting and knows how to edit pics in photoshop.
  5. Make a Plan and Execute It! – I’m typically not an organized person, until its time to do a photoshoot.  Typically before I go on set a make a shot list with all the models, the order of the looks, and the pieces that will be included in each look.  Sometimes, I even create a timeline of my day from the time I expect the model to arrive, how long it should take to do makeup and hair and how long each shot should take.  Be honest and realistic about these times.  Makeup and hair typically takes at least an hour for each model. AT LEAST.  So build that time into your plan.

There are my tips guys.   Let me know if you have any questions and/or tips while you’re preparing for an upcoming shoot.  Also, if you’re interested in a collaboration definitely reach out to me!


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