October Challenge

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GEAR UP Caggers!

It’s time to Level Up and make some amazing things happen in October!  I know people typically wait until the beginning of the year to get their lives in order, but why wait?!  I’ll be sending out the some resources I plan on using in the month of October!  They’ll include (but not limited to), the following:

  • Tips for Purging Your Closet & Making Money!
  • Vegan Meal Plan
  • Workout Plan
  • Weekly Challenges

You can either sign up via the pop up signup form or the form below!  Details will be sent out on Friday, September 30, 2016.  Let’s get it!

Signup for October Challenge

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  1. Thank you for taking the time to give this pertinent information. I surely appreciate it!
    Have a fantabulous rest of your week!

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