Militant Slay: Serving in Military Inspired Fashion

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Happy Saturday Lovies!!

This week has been incredibly rough!!  Typically I really try to keep an optimistic attitude but I am badly in need of a vacation.  Do you ever have that feeling?  Do you ever feel super militant,  ready to walk into your boss’s office and say ‘I’m over  this shit!  I quit!’ I wish! HAHA  Though I made it through the week successfully without quitting my job, I am obsessed with the military fashion trend. (What does one have to do with the other?  Absolutely nothing! lol)

I LOVE military inspired fashion!  I legit own several army fatigue hats, pants, jackets, vests, skirts, etc. but oddly enough I never had ANY desire to be in the military. (Shout out to the active duty and veterans of the US Military.  Thank you for your service)  However, if I was in the army check out how I would want to dress.  (How quickly do you think I would be kicked out? lol)

Do you like Military Inspired Fashion?  If so, how do you wear it?  Let me know in the comments below!

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Hat: Made my mommy because she’s super dope!

Skirt: Made by Me

Military Jacket: Tickle Me Turquoise Boutique (Not on web but e-mail. They may have some left)

Shoes: Zigi NY Stuffer Boot (Note: This boots are NOT comfortable!)


IMG_0528 IMG_0523 IMG_0515 IMG_0516

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5 thoughts on “Militant Slay: Serving in Military Inspired Fashion

    1. Hey Quetta!!

      Listen i don’t know where my obsession came from all of a sudden. Perhaps when the trend came back a few year ago I went into overkill mode. I tend to do that sometimes with everything…food, clothes, etc. Once I like something I become so obsessive. lol

      Thanks for commenting boo!

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