January Update: How I’m Doing with my 16 in 2016 List

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Hey Baes!! Did you miss me?!!

The last couple of days have been a bit rough, but I’m glad to be back to chat it up with you guys. For those of you that don’t know, in the beginning of every year I come up with a list of goals that correlate with the year number (e.g 16 things I want to accomplish in 2016) Get it?!

In the past I’ve been really bad about giving updates, but my goal is to give monthly updates to 1. Be honest with myself about the progress I’ve made and 2. Share it with you guys to serve as inspiration for your own annual goals.  Also, I’m not against getting help with ANY OF THIS! Therefore, if there is anything on the list that you want to help me with, by all means I welcome all of it!!

Without further ado, here are my updates.


  1. Sell 16 INCAGNITO Pieces – I haven’t sold anything, but I also haven’t made anything available for sale.  I’m working on it though.
  2. Lose 6 lbs – I probably gained 6 lbs which puts me 12 lbs away from my goal weight now. Still Vegan though. HA!
  3. Try 16 new Vegan recipes – Negative! I’ve been on the Oreos and Prinigles diet. No Bueno
  4. Run 16 Races – HA!! I’m not even going to embarrass myself with this one.
  5. Write 16 Blog Posts – This will be my 3rd post of the year. Progress right! lol
  6. Travel to 16 Places – I went to Virginia, Philly and Atlantic City. Does that count?
  7. Go on 16 Dates – I’ve been on 2 dates. Aforementioned I SUCK at dating!
  8. Reconnect with 16 friends – I think I’ve connected with probably about 7 friends this year, so I’m ahead of the game! I should’ve been more specific about this one though.  The friends I’ve hung out with are friends I see all the time! This month my goal will be to connect with people I haven’t seen in over a year.
  9. Reach out to 16 Companies – Reached out to 2 (I’m up to something..Will share in the near future)
  10. Do 16 photoshoots – NONE! UGH! The shoot I had scheduled was canceled because of Winterstorm Jonas!
  11. Get 1600 IG followers – Almost at 1300! Invite your friends to my page (CAGREINVENTED on all platforms)!  Please and thank you! 🙂
  12. Run 160 miles in one month – I wish! I’ll probably pick this goal up in March or April when I’m able to run outside again. 160 treadmill miles ain’t happening captain!
  13. Collaborate with 6 artists – Collaborating with 2 as we speak. I’ll be introducing them here on the blog very soon!
  14. Make 16k residual income – Right now I’m in the spending phase of business. You know the whole cost money to make money part of it. Needless to say I’m over it, but I’m going to keep pushing!
  15. Do Fashion Showcase – Soon Come!!…Spring 2016
  16. Meet Queen Beyoncé Giselle Knowles Carter! – Honestly I always include this as the last item on my annual goals list. Of course I want it to happen but I’m also realistic about it not being probable. Either way I’m a dreamer and always remain hopeful.  So if any of you know her, hook a sista up!

As you can see I have a LOOOOOOOOONG way to go! However, I’m actually proud of what I managed to accomplish in January.  1 Month down, 11 to go!  How are you coming with your New Year Resolutions? (I hate calling them resolutions by the way)  Sound off in the comments below!


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6 thoughts on “January Update: How I’m Doing with my 16 in 2016 List

  1. I’m with you – January was uhhh, practice/warm up. I’m ready to get my life together this month and start making progress as well!!!

      1. Got my Polar Heart Rate monitor which is helping me step up my workouts. Going for a tune up on my nutrition goals with registered dieticians. Joined the IIBA to prep for my BA certification.

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