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Sorry for taking so long to check in with you today.  I really wanted to check in with you this morning, but I was traveling all day.  I actually came to Philly and headed to New York to meet up with my really good friend.

Though I was ripping and running, I had an extremely productive day.  Unfortunately my day still isn’t over (at 11 PM) but I wanted to at least give everyone an update on how the first day of my October Purge and Cleanse Challenge went.

Traveling on a day you start a new diet plan in never a good idea.  However, my mother spoils me and made me a doggy bag of 22 Day Revolution approved snacks.  I also got in my 14,000 steps for the day. (It’s so easy to accumulate that many steps walking around New York City!) However, since I was traveling I DID NOT drink my gallon water because I have an aversion for public restroom.  I did however stick to the other rules of the water challenge and just drank water and unsweetened green tea all day.

Finally, this morning I weighed myself and the scale jumped between 146 and 147 lbs depending on where the wind blew.  I promise to update tomorrow’s post with more pics and information, but I have a lot to do before I go to bed.  If you’re doing the October Challenge with me let me know how you’re doing in the comments below.  If you haven’t signed up, it’s not too late!

Alright gang, I’ll check in with you guys later.  I hope you have a great night!  PEACE!



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5 thoughts on “HELLO OCTOBER!

  1. I haven’t really started because my events this weekend were in the way! I had a wedding on Saturday and at church all day Sunday so haven’t properly planned. But today I’m more prepared. Gonna get that gallon in and I will be going to the gym after work. Now nutrition wise, I’m gonna improvise until I get paid Wed. Lol! But I do have enough veggies at home to help with that.

    1. I know you got this Quetta!! Also don’t forget to try the Vegan on a Budget post I did with a week worth of lunch for $15. (I eat more than the post but it’s basically 7 meals for $2 each. I even stretched it to about 10 meals)

      It’s all good though. I’m using this as a warmup week too. Next Week will be better for the both of us. 🙂

  2. First off on a positive note, the purge went really well, maybe too well. I gathered seven trash bags full of clothing from our closets and wondered why I had not done this sooner and why I thought holding on to high school clothes was okay. I need to now focus my effort on drinking all this damn water and reaching the step counter goal.

    1. Good Job Aaliyah!! Veggies are good, but make sure you’re getting in enough protein through beans and veggies like kale!

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