Fit 2 Love: Is “Workout Dating” A New Trend?

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Happy  Tuesday Lovebugs!!!

As some of you know I’ve been striving to live a healthy lifestyle for almost a year.  While it’s been an incredibly difficult journey, the results have made it all worth it.  I attribute a huge part of my success with the partnerships and comradary I’ve created with other women in the struggle.   My trainer, also a woman, has tremendously been pivotal in my weight loss success.  See a theme here?  WOMEN!

As a result I have NO real desire to work out with men on a regular basis; especially ones for which I have romantic feelings.  Here’s why…

I’m not saying I don’t work out around men.  I workout and take classes in a public gym so of course I work out around men.  In addition, I have been saying I want to find a guy to work out with to push myself physically, but I need him to be buff, ugly and preferably gay as hell!!  Here’s the thing.  I undeniably look my worst during and after I work out; even worse than I look in the morning after I forget to wrap up my hair with a scarf at night.

I don’t know if this is a growing trend but lately all the guys I talk to ask me if I work out.  That seems to be  one of their first questions before even asking me if I believe in Jesus!  My answer is usually “occasionally” (which is an understatement).  The very next thing they say is “We should workout together sometimes” to which I immediately respond “HELL TO THE NO!”  One guy even tried to say he didn’t have time to take me out on a date to a restaurant because of his schedule but we could go out on a date to his gym.  Needless to say he got blocked.

Some couples are into working together which is totally cute for them.  However, is there a new trend in workout dating that I’m unaware of out here in these fitness streets?  I’m not saying I want a guy to see me at my best all the time, but I also don’t want them seeing me like complete despair either!!  Therefore, my answer is “NO DATING AT THE GYM!” It’s a recipe for disaster if you ask me.

I know I may be unpopular with my opinion on this subject, but I’m completely fine with that.  I’m all for me and my man living a healthy lifestyle, but I believe in working out separately so we can enjoy our results together; preferably on an exotic beach with me in a string bikini!  HA!

What are your thoughts?  Is going on a date to the gym a good idea?  Sound off in the comments below.


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3 thoughts on “Fit 2 Love: Is “Workout Dating” A New Trend?

  1. Absolutely NOT. I rarely entertain working out with girlfriends and I deliberately go to the gym when it’ll be empty to minimize human contact. Plus that’s ME time! I Definitely could not consider this during the early phases of courting, naybe at 6 months or beyond. It would take comittment and deep trust and possibly precious gems to let a romantic interest see the completely awkward, sweaty wreck I am during and after a workout!!!

  2. HAHAHA!! Why must you be so ridiculous!! LMAO!! Did you say he has to put a ring on it because you work out with someone? lol

    NOPE Not even a ring can make me work out with my man. However, I love working out with my girls and a group class.

  3. I think it’s a cute date idea of course after we are past that awkward first meeting. Get your hardcore workout in and then do a little cardio in a cute outfit that could be fun! I think it’s time to be out of the box when it comes to dating. If not the gym what about something like a hike, rock climbing or maybe sky zone for some trampoline fun??

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