Finding Love on LinkedIn: Could This Be Another Way to Online Date?

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I know it’s been FOREVER since I posted, but I’m back!  I have SO much I need to update you on,  but I will save the long update for a later post.  This subject is probably off topic for what I typically discuss on this blog, but I felt the need to share for absolutely no real reason at all.  HA!  Though I am somewhat a private person (surprising I know), I have been documenting my experience, good and bad, with online dating publicly for several reasons.  1.  I suck at it so I’m always seeking advice on things I could be doing differently. 2. I hope that my satirical yet honest recounts inspire other single people, especially women,  to put themselves out there and try it as well! Let’s be honest, you’re not finding love at the local bar these days!

Let’s just jump into my story shall we?

I primarily have been on one dating site and haven’t really found anyone.  In the 5 months I’ve been on the site, I’ve only dated 4 guys, been on about 8 dates and met a lot of crazies!   Out of the 4 guys, I’m still only dating one but he may be on the chopping block soon as well.  Honestly, I’m ready to shut down my profile and take the summer off, but that would be dumb, right?  Summertime is primetime for dipping and dating and I don’t want to miss out!! HA!

Fast Forward to today.  I was on LinkedIn revamping my profile, among other things, and a guy I went to college with invited me to connect.  We weren’t friends in college and I haven’t seen him since I graduated many moons ago.  Because of LinkedIn and their “Big Brother” features, I noticed that he was checking out my profile.   I proceeded to send him a note telling him to stay off my profile.  I of course  was joking, but a jesting message turned into an all day conversation that ended in him giving me his number.

Of course I did what any other woman would do.  Search Facebook and Instagram to see if he had someone!  I know him giving me his number doesn’t mean he’s interested, but these are just good practices to have in general. (Not to mention I’m a master PI/lurker)  Either way it made me think.  Would trying to find love on LinkedIn be such a bad idea?

  •  You at least know the person is employed, right?
  • You know they know how to formulate an actual sentence with proper grammar and appropriate punctuation.
    • Does he or she can use their, they’re and there appropriately?  Write everything in ‘short text?  Insist on communicating in run-on sentences?
  • Based on education and career history, you may have incite into their personality.  (Even though I actually have an IT background which surprises many people)
  • Did I mentioned he’s more likely to be employed.  (Yes I’ve been approached by quite a few guys on dating sites that don’t have jobs and even a few from jail.  YES!  Inmates apparently have access to online dating sites)

I will definitely keep you guys posted on what happens with this situation.  I’m not even sure if the guy is even interested because I ripped his profile apart. (Sigh I always manage to mess things up)  HOWEVER, if he is interested I’ll definitely pursue it for research purposes.  🙂

Sound off in the comments below! I hate to cut this post short, but I’m fat and I have to attempt to shed some lbs before my next vacation. I can’t wait to hear from you guys!!  All two of you!

Until next time…SMOOCHES!!



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