February Update: GAINS & LOSSES on my 16 in 2016

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Happy Women’s History Month Lovies!!

I wanted to kick off this month with some amazingness, inspirational messages, and giveaways but of course like everything else in my life I’m so behind.  (Make sure you subscribe so you can be the first to know about my upcoming giveaway.)

Of course I HAVE to give you an obligatory  recap of what I accomplished on my 16 in 2016 Goals list during February.  However, I’m going to also include some SMART goals for the month of March to keep me on track.

Here’s my update:

  1. Sell 16 INCAGNITO Pieces – SAME UPDATE.  I haven’t sold anything, but I also haven’t made anything available for sale.  I’m working on it though.
    • March Goal: Complete samples of collection to have available for sale in Spring 2016
  2. Lose 6 lbs – So my weight has been doing the serious cuban shuffle slide all year.  Last time I checked I was back to being about 8 lbs away from my goal weight.  So I lost the weight I gained in 2016. However, now I’m trying to do some body building so I may gain weight from muscle.  I’ll keep you posted on that though.
    • March Goal: I need to Lose 6 lbs before my trip to Thailand so my goal is the lose that by this month.
  3. Try 16 new Vegan recipes – Sigh.  No new recipes yet.  BUT I’ve cut down tremendously on the Oreos and Pringles diet.
    • March Goal: Try 5 new recipes.  I need to try more and stop eating out.
  4. Run 16 Races – None Yet.  While I haven’t run any races I have been conditioning myself for 5K with the Couch 2 5K training program.  I’m on week 3 of the training.
    • March Goal: Continue my Couch 2 5K Training and sign up for 2 races in April
  5. Write 16 Blog Posts – This will be my 14th  post of the year. I’m almost done with crossing one thing off my list! YAAAY!
    • March Goal: This will definitely be my first completed goal for the year.  I going to do a giveaway in honor of accomplishing at least one thing on my list.
  6. Travel to 16 Places – I haven’t traveled to any other places other than the 4 I listed last month.  Honestly I’ve been trying to limit my travel to save money for my upcoming trips.  But I do have 4 trips planned (deposits made and everything.)
    • March Goal: Go to New York and Thailand
  7. Go on 16 Dates – Oddly enough I have been on NO dates in February; the month of freaking LOVE!  Did I mention I SUCK at dating?! lol
    • March Goal: Go on 4 dates
  8. Reconnect with 16 friends – I reconnected with one friend this month that I didn’t see in January or February.  Everyone else I see on a regular basis. This is so not good!
    • March Goal: Reconnect with 4 friends in the month of March that I haven’t seen in over a year!
  9. Reach out to 16 Companies – Reached out to NO companies in February.  SHEESH!  I’m such a slacker UGH!
    • March Goal: Reach out to 4 companies.
  10. Do 16 photoshoots – I’ve done 2 shoots this month.  Definitely not where I want to be but its better than none right?
    • March Goal: Do 2 photoshoots
  11. Get 1600 IG followers – Almost finally over 1300! Continue to invite your friends to my page (CAGREINVENTED on all platforms)!  Please and thank you! 🙂
    • March Goal: Gain and retain 50 IG followers
  12. Run 160 miles in one month – Aforementioned I’ll probably pick this goal up in March or April when I’m able to run outside again. I much prefer to run outside.
    • March Goal: Run 60 miles in a month and track in Nike Running
  13. Collaborate with 6 artists –  have a couple of projects in flight with fellow artists but I need about 4 more artists for which to collaborate.  If you’re interested or know someone that’s interested, hit me up!
    • March Goal: 
  14. Make 16k residual income –  I’m still in the spending phase of business and I’m still over it.  I’m going to keep pushing though!
    • March Goal: Offer product to make residual income.
  15. Do Fashion Showcase – Soon Come!!…Spring 2016
    • March Goal – Identify potential venues for Fashion Showcase
  16. Meet Queen Beyoncé Giselle Knowles Carter! – OK Ladies now lets get in formation!  Even if I don’t meet Muva Bey personally, I will be meeting her at her formation tour! HA!
    • March Goal: PRAY!


I know I still have a long  way to go,  but I’m really optimistic about accomplishing a lot in March.

So there you have it!  2 Months down, 10 to go!  How are you coming with your 2016 goals?  Sound off in the comments below.


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