Changing Seasons: How to Transition Makeup Foundation from Summer to Fall

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As you’re packing up your your shorts and breaking out your sweaters for the fall another thing you might want to consider swapping out your makeup foundations.  I don’t know about you but typically this is around the time when my summer tan begins to wear off and my skin goes from being extremely oily to having dry spots.  As a result, I decided to share some of my go to foundations for the fall so that you are ready to transition that beat for the changing weather.

Check out some of my favorite products when you read the rest….

I thought it would be easiest it to split up my favorite summer foundations (top row) and fall/winter foundations (bottom row) in the collage below.  Here are my recommendations for how to pic the perfect foundation for the winter:

  1. Lightweight/HeavyWeight – Typically in the Summer I like to wear BB Creams with lightweight “airbrush” like foundation.  When it’s 100+ degrees outside there’s nothing worse than your face melting off in public.  However, in the winter I opt for more full coverage and moisturizing components in my foundation.  My face dries up like the Sahara in the winter.
  2. Color/Tone – This may seem obvious, but most people are darker in the summer than they are in the winter.  (DUH, right?!) So why would use the same color foundation all year round? The answer is you don’t!  I typically have to go two shade lighter for my fall/winter foundation.
  3. Powder a Must (ALL SEASONS) – I love a good press powder regardless of season. Press powder coupled with the right setting spray is necessary for me to complete a makeup look.  I’ve included both of the press powders I typically use below.  I like a matte finish in the summer (since my face is prone to turn into chicken grease in hot weather) and glossy in the fall/winter.  My go to setting sprays are MAC Fix Plus spray for a glossy finish and my new fav, Model in a Bottlefor a matte finish.

What are some of your favorite foundation products and do you use different products in the summer/fall?  Let me know in the comments.  I can’t want to hear from you!

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Summer vs. Fall Foundation Favorites


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