18 Women Of Color Entrepreneurs To Support This Holiday Season

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It’s the most wonderful time of the yeeeeeear!!  The holiday season is actually my favorite time of year.  However, this is my first year as a full time entrepreneur and I wanted to do something a little different. This year I wanted to feature 18 Women of Color Entrepreneurs that you should consider supporting this holiday season!

I totally understand the struggles of being in business on yourself.  However, I also know what has helped me the most. Word of mouth and promotion from friends has definitely been a life saver FOR ME!  Therefore, I’ve decided to be a “WORD OF MOUTH” for these deserving women, because they are really out here killing it!! I’ve also included some of my favorite pics in their product offerings, that you should consider for yourself!  Without further adieu, meet some of my favorite Black & Brown Boss Chicks!

  1. The Posh People Boutique
    • Owner: Tiffany Greene (IG: Poshtiff)
    • CAG’s Word: Tiffany is a New Yorker, fashion blogger, low key tech geek and crazy Aries!!  If you need cute, sexy and affordable clothes, check out her online boutique, the Posh People!!  I probably own 80% of this site because hello!  Tiffany and I share a love of sequins, faux fur and all things fabulous!  She is a crazy fire sign, like me, and we connected over out shared love of fashion.  We support each other in all our endeavors and that is the type of friend you need in this world.
    • Website: https://www.theposhpeople.com Instagram: Posh People
    • SALE: Use BLACKFRIDAY for 20% off
    • CAG’s Pick: Check out this long sequins goal for only 59.99! Use to coupon code above to get even more off! (Click Picture)
  2. Khemistry Custom Designs
    • Owner: Katrease Kirby
    • CAG’s Word: Khemistry specializes in custom bridal and formalwear.  If you need alterations on your bridal gown or a prom dress, she is your girl!  She is located in the Baltimore area.  She is professional and eases brides and prom girl through what could otherwise be a very stressful process.
    • Website: shopkhemistry Instagram: k_khemistry88
    • Schedule Design Consultation – https://khemistry.setmore.com
    • SALE: For Black Friday, she is offering her cropped hoodies for women ($65) and kids ($45) at a discounted rate.
    • CAG’s Pick: Cropped Hoodie with Sequins Sleeves (Click Picture)
  3. Kia Denise
    • Owner: Kia Denise
    • CAG’s Word: Kia is a wife, mother, fashion blogger, and chef!  She also teaches people how to cook, as she hosts periodic classes (Check out her Ugly Sweater Cooking Class) and private cooking classes. Also, she recently released her cooking book, “Mommy What’s for dinner”, and its available on Amazon now. She is located in the Philadelphia area.
    • Website: http://www.kiadenise.com Instagram: Kia Denise
    • CAG’s PICK: “What’s For Dinner” Cookbook (Click Picture)
  4. Level 23 Hair Salon and Products
    • Owner: Tenease Flowers (IG: stylesbytenease)
    • CAG’s Word: When I lived in Baltimore, this was my hair salon! (I still drive back sometimes to get my hair done too)  The owner and operator, Tenease, has been in business for almost 20 years.  She released her own hair care line about 4 years ago.  I used these products faithfully on my natural hair!
    • Website: www.level23salon.com Instagram: Level23Salon 
    • CAG’s Pick: Level 23 Bundle Deal with Free Hydration Treatment  
  5. So Shear Genius Collection & Salon 
    • Owner: Annagjid “Kee” Taylor (IG: sosheargenius)
    • CAG’s Word: Funny story, “Kee Kee” used to be an assistant in a salon for which I went to YEEEEEEEAAARS ago.  I’m talking baby and pacifier days! Ok thats an exaggeration. (lol) I’ve enjoyed watching her progression into a BOSS over time.  She own’s her own hair salon in Philly (Deeper than Hair), she travels the WORLD as a celebrity stylist, and she has her own hair care line. I always tell her, she has the entire city of Philadelphia on her back because we are all out here rooting for her!
    • Website: http://deeperthanhair.com/haircare-products/                                 Instagram: sheargeniuscollection
    • CAG’s Pick: Deeper Than Hair Edge Control (Click Picture)
  6. The Image Concierge
    • Owner: Heather Campbell
    • CAG’s Word: The Image Concierge offers high end beauty services including foundation matching to full makeup services.  They specialize in providing services for special occasions like Weddings, Anniversaries and Milestone Birthdays.  Moreover, they are willing to travel and support the Maryland, District of Columbia, and Virginia areas. On a personal note, the owner Heather is an absolute joy to be around. She is not only professional but personable.
    • Website: https://getimagenow.com, Instagram: ImageConcierge
    • CAG’s Pick: Set up a Consultation for Your Next Major Event! (Click Picture)
  7. Jeanna B. Makeup Services
    • Owner: Jeanna Booker
    • CAG’s Word: I met Jeanna when I was working on a photoshoot with a mutual colleague.  First of all, she is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met in my life.  Second, her makeup skill are BOMB!!!  Third, she is FAST!!  She does makeup at lightning speed and great in editorial settings when you need that pace.  She also specializes in special occasion makeup as well and can whip your bridal party into tip top shape! If you’re located in the Baltimore area, she is your girl! (I also think she’s based in the Tampa, Florida area are well) Check out on her work on her website and Instagram Page
    • Website: https://www.muajeannab.com Instagram: MUA_JeannaB
    • CAG’s PICK: Book Jeanna For Your Next Photoshoot 
  8. Angelica Timas Designs
    • Owner: Angelica Timas
    • CAG’s Word: Angelica Timas is a fashion designer based in the Boston area, but she’s originally from Cape Verde. (Yaaaas Island Gal!). I actually met Angelica years ago, when I took an online class on how to start a Fashion Business.  I gravitated to her, because I admired her being about her business (during a time when I didn’t take mine seriously).  I have enjoyed watching the progression of her brand and how its blossomed into an amazing business! Even though we never met in person, I am one of her biggest cheerleaders in these digital streets!
    • Website: https://www.angelicatimas.com Instagram: Angelica Timas
    • CAG’s Pick: Statement Red Dress (Click Picture)
  9. Sugar Popped Boutique
    • Owner: April Nelson
    •  CAG’s Word: April is a mother, fiance, and Virginia native.  I went to college with April and she has ALWAYS been one of the sweetest people on the planet.  However, don’t get it twisted.  My girl is a BOSS and about her business!  She took her degree in Marketing and created a VERY profitable brand, Sugarpopped;  a online boutique specializing in FABULOUS and affordable fashion.  Her brand has grown tremendously over the years and Fashion Nova need to watch out!
    • Website: www.sugarpopped.com Instagram: Sugarpopped
    • SALE: 50% OFF the Entire Site! Plus Free Shipping on orders over$150 use code: BF50
    • CAG’s Pick: Sequins Jumpsuit (Click Picture)
  10. Juxtamod Kids Clothing Brand
    • Owner: Nayiselle (IG: Nayiselle)
    • CAG’s Word: I actually found Nay on Instagram, randomly, while scrolling through someone’s ‘story’ on Instagram.  She was participating in a popup shop in Baltimore, and  I stay a jacket she was selling that I fell in love with!!  They sell the CUTEST kids fashion and I’ve been trying to figure out for months how I can squeeze my ass into one of her fringe jackets!  LOL. We correspond quit a bit on Instagram because she is hilarious!  Honestly, she seems really cool and someone I could be friends with in real life.  She is a great mom, a Boss Chick and you should really check out her collection if you need nice fashion pieces for kids fashion.
    • Website: https://www.juxtamodkids.com  Instagram: juxtamodskids 
    • CAG’s Pick: Star Fringed Jacked (Comes in Multiple Colors Click Picture)
  11. Lillie Couture 
    • Owner: Latasha Hall
    • CAG’s Word: If you are in the market for a custom wedding dress, you need to seriously check out Lille Couture.  I actually found the owner, Latasha, on Instagram when one of her prom dresses went viral!  It was a GORGEOUS  Burgundy dress, adorned in handout Burgundy flowers.  When I found out Latasha was from the Philly area, I got hype!! She is so talented and I absolutely adore her work.  A few years ago, she was part of the Philadelphia Fashion Incubator which I thought was so dope!  “Latasha has accumulated over 15 years of experience in the fashion industry; and has dedicated time to perfecting her craftsmanship with experience in bridal, evening, ready to wear, and tailoring.  In 2009, Latasha began to focus her attention to developing her own collections and building her company, Lillie. The name of her company is dedicated to her late grandmother, Ester Lillie Coles”.
    • Website: https://lilliecouture.com Instagram: LillieCouture
    • CAG’s Pick: Check out Lillie Couture’s Sample Sale! (Click Picture)
  12. Spiced Living
    • Owner: Chinara Smith (IG: NaraSmith)
    • CAG’s Word: Chinara and I go waaaaay back! She’s not only a college friend, but she’s my sorority sister and, even better, my linesister.  She has always been super talented and entrepreneurial, even when we were in college.  She is now a wife and mother and turned the things that comes to her naturally as a wife and mother, i.e. nourishing her family with well seasoned food, into a very successful business.  In addition, Chinara is a nutritionist.  She is a warrior and survivor that has openly shared her battles with Crohn’s and Colitis Disease.  As a result, she is an advocate in finding balance in living a healthy lifestyle while still being able to enjoy food with great spices that she develops with love and care.
    • Websitehttps://www.spicedliving.com Instagram: @SpicedLiving
    • SALE: $15 Off Purchases over $50 USE CODE: FRIDAY
    • CAG’s Pick: Ev’rything But the Kitch Sink is My favorite! (Click Picture to See More Spices)
  13. Tai McQueen, The Plus Size Trainer
    • Owner: Tai McQueen
    • CAG’s Word: I met Tai on Snapchat!  My friend told me about her page and I started following her.  We soon became internet friends because I appreciate the fact that she is raw, honest, and she says OUT LOUD what most people are thinking, but afraid to say.  She also defies the traditional meaning of “being in shape”.  She’s shows people that you don’t have to be super skinny and look a certain way to live you best ‘healthiest’ life.  She is a boss chick and travels the country giving bootcamp classes while educating people on having a healthy and active lifestyle.  You should definitely check out her Instagram and Youtube pages, as she has numerous FREE workout videos you can use right in the comfort of your own home.  She isn’t for the excuses!  She is about achieving results!
    • Website: http://taimcqueen.com Instagram: taimcqueen, theplussizedtrainer
    • CAG’s Pick: 7 Day Slimdown Plan 
  14. Ashley Pride Jewelry
    • Owner: Ashley Pride
    • CAG’s Word: I remember when Ashley was first born, because I used to be obsessed with her mother that is a opera singer.  (I swear I’m not making this up and this is the first time I’ve even shared this publicly…lol). Ashley is a native of Philadelphia and a super talented jewelry designer.  She developed her “faith-based brand, A Pride Designs. As a multi-disciplinary artist, she creates bold statement jewelry and costumes for feature films, music videos, and tv.”  She also hosts jewelry making parties as well!
    •  Website: www.etsy.com/shop/APrideDesigns Instagram: @APrideDesigns | @PLBParties
    • CAG’s Pick: Forever Flame Copper Ring Gift Set (Click Picture)
  15. The Mane Assassins Hair Salon
    • Owner: Quierra Miller 
    • CAG’s Word: Quierra has been my ‘Philly Stylist’ for years! (Yes I have hairstylists in multiple area codes because I do a lot of traveling lol). She is a wife and mother of two, and an awesome hair stylist.  She’s been doing hair for YEARS, but opened up her own hair salon last year, The Mane Assassins Hair Salon, here in Philly.  Every time I get my hair done by Quierra, I am never disappointed.   She’s been caring for my hair, since I went natural, and makes sure I keep my trims up to date.  I also love the fact that she still does a lot of protective styles, including braids.  A lot of hairdressers tend to steer clear of braiding styles, but she doesn’t! She is fast and not afraid to try new styles I send her!
    • Website:  https://themaneassassins.com  Instagram: @TheManeAssasins 
    • CAG’s Pick: Feed In Braids 
  16. Bee Beautiful Bundles Hair Company
    • Owner: Sasha Allen
    • CAG’s Word: I actually met Sasha through a mutual friend and we instantly clicked!  She is a model, actress (that gets booked! lol), and a serial entrepreneur like me.  She owns her own hair salon and hair/lash line, bee beautiful
    • Website: https://www.beebeautifulbundles.com
    • CAG’s Pick: Brazilian Body Wave 3 Bundle Deal
  17. Chandler & Charlie Interior Design House
    • Owner: Chantele Johnson
    • CAG’s Word: Chantele is one of the most talented people I know.  She has always been a super creative, Type A, and precision enthusiast.   What is a “precision enthusiast you ask?  A PERSON THAT CROSSES EVERY ‘T’ AND DOTS EVERY ‘I’!  (I’m sure she’s going through performing spell check on this post as you read. 🙂 She launched her Interior Design business in order to support other mommies needing help with developing their nursery designs and general baby/toddler friendly decor.  As a new mom, she understands the stresses that come with preparing for new baby including how to fit a nursery into a home without it looking like a ‘Giranimal Headquarters!’ Check out of portfolio site to see more of her work.
    • Website: Chandler and Charlie Interior Design Instagram: @Chandlercharlieco
    • CAG’s Pick: Nursery Mood Board
  18. Kirra Cakes and Beyond
    • Owner: Shakkira Clark
    • CAG’s Word: Shakkirra is a wife and mother of five from my hometown of Philadelphia.  Her Philly based bakery, was recommended to me by a mutual friend.  All her desserts look absolutely delicious and seriously has me considering hanging up this Vegan Life, for real! She does take some orders on Etsy that can be shipped.  Check out her Etsy Shop, Instagram & Facebook Page.
    • Website: https://www.etsy.com/shop/KirraCakesandBeyond                      Instagram: Shakirra329cakes
    • CAG’s Pick: Chocolate Chip Cookies Available For Shipping! (Click Picture)

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