Who is E-COMM with CAG class for:

  • New Entrepreneurs with no e-commerce site or seeking to improve their e-commerce site
  • Entrepreneurs with a product based business i.e. you have something physical to sell not consulting services.
  • Student doesn’t need to be super technical but must be comfortable with using computer

What the E-COMM with CAG is:

  • How to purchase a domain name
  • How to set up Shopify e-commerce site
    • How to take inventory pictures
    • How to connect site to domain name
    • How to set up discounts
    • Great apps
    • And More…
  • How and and where to set up social media sites
  • Where to get logo made for site

What the E-COMM with CAG class IS NOT:

  • How to set up business legal entity (e.g. LLC, trademarking)
  • How to market business  and develop extensive market strategies
  • How to manage business finances
  • How to set up other e-commerce sites OTHER than Shopify (e.g. big cartel, squarespace)